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***NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend Thread***

Damn, I really wanted Seattle knocked out.
They waited too long to pull rg3
ouch poor RGIII
This is a joke
Why cousins isn't there ? Go figure
Mike shanahan will probably tell he had the doc ok's to put him back in the 4th
This is shannys fault.

He's such a dumb ass fvck boy. He's already hobbled....y not put in kirt xuzins?
Cousins should have played after the half.
Originally posted by TruNinerFan:
Damn, I really wanted Seattle knocked out.

Nxt week my friend
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If he did tear his acl, I won't feel sorry for him. Shame on him for putting his pride and ego above the team. Had no business being out there, and if I'm the owner, Shanahan's job is in jeopardy.
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Wow. I hope RG3 gets better. I hope he's not a flash in pan.
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ACL or MCL tear?

Originally posted by HudsonValley:
Shanahan. Just doesnt know when to pull the plug. Sigh

Stubbornness that would make Harbaugh jealous.
we have to listen to seattle fan
Originally posted by KegBert:
Cousins should have played after the half.

Agree. RGIII clearly was not playing well due to the injury. At least give cousins a chance.

I REALLY didn't want to see Seattle get to the second round.
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