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Which team failure do you enjoy the most ?

Which team failure do you enjoy the most ?


I lived and worked in Louisiana for 9 years and I can say, after living all over the Unites States and traveling much of the world, that Louisiana sports fans are among the lowest forms of sports fan life I have ever experienced. I know, I know, they haven't "poisoned trees" or anything, but it isn't a long walk to that kind of behavior and thought process for them. My time in that God forsaken f**k hole of a state will always be the most miserable and unenjoyable part of my life. And I've done time in a Turkish prison.

Just kidding, but still.
giants definitely and saints because it showed that karma is a b**ch
i hate jacksonville.
cowboys and eagles
Originally posted by BobS:
Cowgirls. All us old guys I feel will agree, screw "America's Team." I really enjoyed watching Romo choke another important game away last night.

me too! I'm so glad they stick with romo! LOL!
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Cowboys. i hope Dallas gives Romo that longterm contract soon.
Giants. So we don't have to face them in the playoffs.
Cowboys and Cardinals.
Saints. Cowboys. Raiders. three teams i hate the most.
Saints can't stand the fans who think they win one title that they are entitled to a title every season and for their everyone is against us attitude.
Next is the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones. What he brings to the League is unquestionably great but as an owner who can't let anyone take credit for success yet blames everyone else for failure.
Then comes NYG. Backing into the SB is not how it's supposed to be done.

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I'm gonna say Steelers, there are a lot of Steeler fans at my job and also won money off them.
giants. i fkn hate them as much as i hate the seakoks
Philadelphia most definitely.
atm dallas......anytime they aren't doing well i am
Originally posted by pdizo916:
i hate jacksonville.

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