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does going to the pro bowl mean much?

didnt all of our offensive lineman make the probowl whether on the roster or an alternate?

yea, it's crap.
Probowl has lost it's luster.

When players started skipping it for reasons other then injury is when it lost it's appeal.

Name an All pro team and be done. Have two listings. Best stat/impact and one fan list.

Back when players needed the extra money was one thing also it was a free trip to HI back when flying to HI was a luxury. Now even a mid level vet making the minimum can go to HI at the drop of a dime.

Football is just to brutal nowadays to play an all pro game. If they could have it mid season like Baseball and Basketball it would garner more attention but what player or team in their right mind would risk an injury in an exhibition game that means nothing? Sure those other sports can have injuries as well but the percentages are lower. All star pitchers don't usually pitch more then an inning or two so injuries are limited there and so forth.
Name change: Popularity Bowl. It's long overdue...and agree with others, lost it's appeal to fans and players.
The fan vote needs to be eliminated.
It doesn't mean a whole lot anymore. The best players usually get voted in, but the AP All-Pro team is a much bigger honor IMO.
Being elected to the pro bowl shouldnt always mean alot, but it will down the road. People will just see the pro bowl totals, not remember which years they werent deserving. Either way, 98% of the time you have to have had a great season to make it.

If Willis finishes his career with 12 pro bowls in like 13 or 14 years, it will be a pretty legit factor in his HOF bidding.
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