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*** WEEK 17 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 12/30 *** (RIP 2012 Season)

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romo what a t**t
I was getting worried, then I remembered who Romo played for. Hahahahahaha
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lol so since when has t**t been a bad word
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Vintage romo, multiple picks when it matters most
lol, it just gets even better.
blow to the head... hahaha... cowpukes bleed out.
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i hate romos benie as well lookin like smurf dicks
That should gave just done in the Cowboys with that play.
Originally posted by awol36:
LOL jerry jones

i saw that, lol

Ever since jimmy, jerry hasnt done s**t. he lets his ego get in the way.

oh well, f**k them
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Morris going nuts out there.
RIP Cowpies
Wait did they not review that TD?
Originally posted by kap2crab:
Wait did they not review that TD?

booth determines whether or not it should be looked at by refs

pretty clear he was in, so no need the booth wanted to make the refs review
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Romo sucks
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