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*** WEEK 12 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/22 - 11/26 ***

That choir national anthem in New York made me think Bane was about to attack...
Just had to come in here and say .... HaHa cowboys
I'm sooooo thankful this Thanksgiving that we're not Cowboys fans and that we don't have to deal with such arrogant under-achieving every fall. Can you imagine what the whiners on the 'Zone would be like if we stunk it up like THAT on a regular basis with such talent??? Whew...
Sanchez doing his best to stay in the medias focus. Bless that mess.
Jets should just let tebow play, i mean give the fans a reason to watch that horrid team.
Took a chance on hernandez since dez and foster lit it up

Don't f**k it up brady
Mark Sanchez knocked himself out lmao
That is embarrassing. The Jets are a joke.
Sanchez ran into his own guy and got knocked out. Colinsworth is saying Wilfork forklifted his guy when all he did was held the block.
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Originally posted by SportsFan:
RG 3 sucks.

I was being facetious.
This jets team is embarrassing

just fire rex already lmao
Wow! Self destruction on Thanksgiving.
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Lmao! Jets need a mircale.

Put in tebow! Lol
Jets, intercepted inside the 20 and then fumble at the 30, top it off with a short Brady pass to the house. Wait, fumble by Sanchez for another TD. Hold on, another fumble on the kickoff touchdown Pats. Guys that bet the Jets must be sick at this point.
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