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john gruden calls delanie "McDonald "

Lol I think he's not to bad for an ex raider coach chucky is all right with me but as I was watching the game with a few friends...... one asked is he a rookie and I said na we got him in last years draft then right after I said that they called him a rookie and I was like come on mannn.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
he's an idiot. i hate gruden. every week, he's sucking off whatever teams are playing.

He's sucking off whichever team is winning, but he's got insight and is entertaining.

this, if you wanted to get back into coaching at some point, would you be talking smack about every team you see? he knows his football
Originally posted by LionHeartofGold:
Dude gets fired up over the 9ers; anyone who doesn't like his enthusiasm is lame.

Jon Gruden was hella praising "Kyle Kaepernick" during that game against the Dead Birds.
46 was Tim McDonald's old number. That was just Gruden releasing another brain fart.
He also said Kevin Williams and goldston but everyone does that
Only if Gire...
Originally posted by 49ERFANb4Uwas:
Originally posted by 9erReign:
What exactly is wrong with that statement?

Its like saying that someone is from North Dakota Fargo or Texas Dallas


actually its like saying someone is from the university of NEVADA and it happens to be in RENO

so he's from Nevada Reno. it would be like saying Cal Berkely
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
I believe Tim McDonald played with the same number as Delanie walker. Gruden having a senior moment

This and that makes it funny for anyone old enough to remember that lol

I lol'd soon as i saw that in the post and put 1+1 together still funny
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Chucky was just having a flashback to the great Niner teams of the 90s.

That's a compliment betta recognize.
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Originally posted by echav4949:
He called kyle williams kevin but hes football smart and entertaining.

He also said Kaep was a rookie Quarterback.
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
He also said Kaep was a rookie Quarterback.

So many mistakes but guy is funny.
Whadya talking about?

Tom Gruden is the best!
I love Jon Grossman.
Donn Gruden is awesome
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