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Which NFL team do you hate most?

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Used to solely be the Packers, but now:

Ravens (I was at the Super Bowl )

Hahaha were the morons from Baltimore obnoxious the entire time? I wore my Willis jersey with Pride that night and got tons of grief. But I didn't care I know we will be back.

I can't speak for him, but they were all really cool.... Everybody was happy to be there, they were cool after it was over too

They are cool? Have you heard them say that Joe Montana is overrated, and that Jim Harbaugh will never match his brother's success? Yeah those fans are cool alright. They are basically drunken Redskins fans who put on a purple jersey because it was the "Local Team" to cheer on. Give them 5 years and when Flacco starts to suck, and the entire team starts to break down AGAIN. Then you will see no more Ratbirds fans.
So, I'm going round the web trying to find out why some fans seem to dislike certain teams. There has to be something about the under dog involved I think. Perhaps we enjoy seeing the dominant teams fall from grace.

Anyway, who is your least favorite NFL team & why? I'm expecting most of you to say the Seahawks and that's fine, but how about "other than rivals" teams?

Here's a little info on my answer.
Currently, it's the Seahawks because I think they're a dirty team. Why do I think they're a dirty team? The last three times the Niners have played them, a NIner player has been knocked out for the season by a cheap shot. This year, it was a dirty low block. Last year one Seahawk player held a 185 lb receiver up while another one dove at his knees. Cheap shots. Dirty team.
Don't forget that they've been accused of having no class. Richard Sherman is a really good corner but he needs to learn a little humility.
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Don't forget that they've been accused of having no class. Richard Sherman is a really good corner but he needs to learn a little humility.

He's a fantastic corner - no question about it. But, there's a gif on the Crabtree thread that shows Crabtree beating him and if you watch it, it's clear that the reason Crabtree beats him is that instead of just wrapping Crabtree up, Sherman dives at Crabtree's knees. That's what they do. I don't know why, but it seems to be an institutional thing up there. Michael Robinson was always a straight up player here in SF, but ever since he went to Seattle he's turned into a cheap shot artist. He was one of the two players who speared Kyle Williams after Williams went down on his knees to give up on a play - they gave him a concussion and he was out for a while that year.

Historically they are our biggest playoff rival. 2-5 post-season record against them. 4 losses in the NFCCG.
Its Seattle and its not very close. I personally feel that in the NFL every game is different. Different circumstances, different personnel, and different game plans. Most, certainly not all but most of the Seahawks fans I've spoken to believe that its a cut and dry issue. The Seahawks are great and the 49ers suck. It's like they don't even consider the 49ers a competitive and formidable foe anymore after two victories at home. Hell Richard Sherman said that they are on a different level than the 49ers even though if the 49ers win at home it makes the series tied over the past two seasons.

I get their excitement, and they have every right to be excited but the Seahawks haven't won anything yet. Hell the division race between the 49ers and Seahawks isn't even half over. I don't get that same we own it attitude from other contending team's fans. That is why I favor the Seahawks the least. Its their fans. Just my personal opinion but their excitement has turned to arrogance. I'm of the wait and see variety so I guess I have more respect for how good every team is in this league.
The rams, because they are our longest rival. New Niner fans and young Niner fans don't get it. But they will forever be the most disliked by me.
I hate the jaguars because that team sucks so bad. They're an under achieving franchise that shouldn't even exist.
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Cowboys, I have been a fan for 40 years, that is enough explanation.

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I'm gonna have to go with the New York Giants, I can't wait till our 9ers play them again and put Eli Manning on his ass. I still got hate for them since 2011 NFC Championship. But yah Seahawks is my number one team I hate the most, they can EAD every last one of them, Little Russell Wilson, Dick Sherbert, Brandon Brownoser, Marshawn Limp.
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As an over 30 fan from Texas it will always be the Cowboys. I've never been so thoroughly crushed as I was after the losses in 92 and 93. The Seahawks still don't register to me as they've never really stopped us from accomplishing anything that matters. They're still that AFCW team no one ever cared about that never accomplished squat to me. It would be like the Lakers caring about Sacramento.
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seahawks cuz they're the only team we can't beat.
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