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Which NFL team do you hate most?

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really guys no ones mentioned the Ravesns. How can you not hate the team that cost us our perfect 6-0 record and made us lose our first SB.
1- Seahawks - We play them twice a year, Harbaugh hates Carroll, Sherman and Browner are talk trash, they beat us down last year

2- Ravens - I liked this AFC team because I saw a lot of the Niners in them, now I can barely look their logo in the face

3- entire NFC East - I hate Philly fans, Cowboys are a flash to the past, Giants stole our 2011 bid, Redskins are just fun to hate
Hate em all used to be a an Oakland and San Diego fan but for some reason everybody hates the 9 ERS so I said f**k everybody except the 9ers I guess because of the the talent and super bowls. I went for the Cali teams but they wanna act stupid so 49ers up. But I hare them all green bay Dallas patriots and the seahags seahags last because the don't have a super bowl win and they ain't on the level at all and I know all u cheatattle fans are reading this f**k off get on the level first then ask for war.
Originally posted by Axl49:
really guys no ones mentioned the Ravesns. How can you not hate the team that cost us our perfect 6-0 record and made us lose our first SB.

I did look back at the first page. I hate them more than any team currently. Last year it was the Giants.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
LOL can't believe some of you mention the Seahawks, when they actually win something then I might give them some time to hate. But until then, its still the Cowgirls, I'd love for that rival to heat back up, I never wish them well lol. The thing about the Shehawks, is that some of the people in that organization are scum, but they're just a wanna-be elite team in the NFL, if anything we should be hating on the Lambs more than the Shehawks, atleast the Lambs won one.

The seahawks and niners are the fresh thing now. It's not to say that the rams and niners aren't still a rivalry but it has lost some steam to the seahawks for now. I have to respectfully disagree that the seahawks haven't done anything. They won just as many games as us last year, their stud quarterback is another year older just like ours and they added one of the best playmakers in the league, and whether I like it or not, they have a very good defense. We have to stop pretending that this team is some overrated myth. They really turned it on in the second half of last season. Sure they were inconsistent on the road but that is a common trait for a young team.

That second half rise has installed a ridiculous amount of confidence in their fan base and the trash talking that has transpired from that has created a rivalry. They play physical like us and because of that, the rivalry is carrying over on the field and our two head coaches have had a budding rivalry for a few years now which naturally will carry over to the team. The fact is, the rams and niners don't like each other but right now the hawks and niners hate each other.
Split decision. I hate the Seahawks organization but also hate the Raiders' fans pretty equally. The Seahawks with their roid rage players and Oakland fans who treat each win like they've just gone to the SuperBowl. Can't stand either one.
I hate the Seahawks but I hate the Cowboys and Patriots just as much.
1. Seahawks
2. Seahawks
3. Seahawks
1). Giants - They've caused us the most trouble

2). Cowboys - The "America's Team" crap still gets me

3). Saints - Very competitive and sinister players

4).Patriots - I hate their success

5). Seahawks - Rams - I really hate loud-mouths

I don't hate the Raiders - they're just so pathetic I can't hate them.

6). Jets

1. Seahawks
2. Giants
3. Cowboys
4. Rams
5. Ravens
Originally posted by calinig4life:
1. Cowboys
2. Packers
3. Giants
4. Seahawks

Historically it should be the Rams, but because jrg stole the team, we don't hate them as much.
Therefore, RIGHT NOW, it's the Seahawks and the city of Seattle who tried to poach the Kings from Sacto
There are teams I don't like, but appreciate the talent when they are on top, getting all the attention from the media because they deserved it. Like the Packers, Saints, Patriots, etc.

But the motherfreak'n Dallas Cowboys-- I f*ckin despise. Don't know why -- just a pure hater.
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