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Which NFL team do you hate most?

Seagirls and it isn't even close. Their city, franchise, fans, everything are a bunch of douches.

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Originally posted by blunt_probe:

Seattle, but the cowgirls was at the top of my list since childhood, but since there not much of a threat now its seattle by far
seattle and its not even close
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I hated no team more than the Rams when they hard Warner... right now I don't mind any of the other teams, but I am not happy with the Ravens for beating us.
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I hate
Cowboys franchise/owner
Seahawks hipe
Steelers fans
Giants (out of respect)
The Saints for the bounty, straight dirty, but at least they got penalized but the Patriots should have been penalized more. Belicheat straight cheated sending out spies and Roger Goodell just burned the evidence. Not sure if I hate the Ravens more than I hate the refs because apparently Cary Williams is exempt from ejection for contacting the refs.

I only dislike other teams. Cowboys 10 years ago....they have been about as relevant as we have for the past decade. Our fate seems to be changing..theirs...not so much.
Imagine if Dallas had Seattle's roster? It could've been niners vs cowboys part 3.
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Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Originally posted by 49erSince1981:
Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
The Raiders were my most hated team but they've just become to irrelevant to me now that i can care less about that team.

Seahawks by far

I understand the whole Bay rivalry but why hate Oakland when they play us once every 5 years. And please don't bring up the meaningless preseason games. I've never understood why 49er fans get happy when our division pulls out a win over Oakland. Just a fyi, a Oakland victory over our division is a POSITIVE for my 49ers!

Its hard not to hate a team when you live around all their fans and have to hear the b******t that comes out of their mouths.

This, I don't care too much for the Raiders, but some of their fans are enough reason to hate a team. There's a reason their fan base is consistently mentioned as amongst one of the worse! But back on topic.

Before it used to be:
1. Cowboys
2. Raiders
3. Seahawks

In the most recent years it's:
1. Seahawks
2. Raiders
3. Cowboys

Originally posted by Jakemall:

I only dislike other teams. Cowboys 10 years ago....they have been about as relevant as we have for the past decade. Our fate seems to be changing..theirs...not so much.

I hate how Cowboys fans, are bringing up that we aren't perfect in Superbowl's anymore. Yeah well I rather not be perfect then not make the f**king playoffs at all. Most delusional fans in pro sports period. Do they even LIVE in Texas? Have you met the "Bay Area" related Dallas fans? Bunch of idiots that can't even name anyone on their roster.
Hate is a strong word. But I HATE the Seachickens!
Raiders and Packers the 2 LOWEST teams on the results? How long have you guys been fans? 5 years?

Every 49ers fan over the age of 23 should hate the Packers with a passion for what they did to us.

I hate the Seahawks too, but aside from being annoying to play in Seattle every now and again when theyre good, what have they done to us?

Teams like the Cowboys, Packers, and Giants should be above them. How many times have those 3 teams ended our season combined?
Ravens, Giants, Seahawks all equally. Also the Patriots because I just don't want to see them in anymore Super Bowls. Enough with them already.
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