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Patriots still cheating?

Their magic cheating machine must have been broken for 3 quarters against the 49ers last year. They got it up and running in the 4th, but it was just a little too late.
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Look, I'm not saying it isn't possible but this just sounds like a case of "Haters Gonna Hate"

Not really, the Texans have been getting beat down regularly this season. So I don't see a reason why they'd "hate" on the Pats because today just happened to be their turn. Especially considering that they have been the victim of far worse beat downs this year (see: Texans vs. 49ers, Rams, and Ravens).

Granted, this is just a rumor at this point, but still.

Yup exactly. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Patriots are the ones that get accused of cheating. If Antonio Smith was just a hater and poor sport, he'd probably be making accusations like this against other teams as well. Patriots have a history. I doubt Bill Belichick cheated all those years to win 3 superbowls and then went clean after being caught. The dude is cheating how he can. I doubt the Pats and Belichick gave up cheating just because they got caught. That's the type of coach he is and the type of organization they are. IF you're not cheating, youre not trying. Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are both cheating mofos.

I have my doubts they are cheating again...but you know there is a nagging doubt, it is wierd how they pulled complete turn arounds after the first half two weeks in a row.
I'd rather play them in the Super Bowl than Denver.
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