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I2013 is Philp Rivers an Option

Would or could we make any moves to get him next season? Or would it be worth it? Just asking.
No. Um, that's it really.
Couldn't win it in San Diego when he had the best team record wise, won't win it here
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Alex Smith >>> Philip Rivers.
i don't want this douche on my team
God no.
Originally posted by MILFS:
i don't want this douche on my team

i rather draft someone who's ass i dont want to kick if i could.

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I'll stick with ColOn Kap-er-nick - He has a lot of talent, good arm and SEES the entire field and DOESN'T HESITATE!

fyi - this is by no means a knock on Alex
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Alex Smith >>> Philip Rivers.

I wouldn't go this far
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:

Originally posted by Mann716:
I wouldn't go this far

I would. I'd gladly take Alex and his relative limitations over a guy that will likely throw 2-3 picks a game.

.....but I guess the logic here is that because Rivers throws more TD's, none of that matters?
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