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*** WEEK 7 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/18 - 10/22 ***

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Wow what a finish....
wow what a catch by nate washington
Wow. Lets see what RGIII can do!
At least it gives the Redskins more time to come back.
Still.... Giants scored too fast. Just watch WAS win this still.
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How can you let that guy get behind you?
That's the dimension this team lacks.
Originally posted by Afrikan:
wish Alex had RG3's killer instinct.

You will be stuck with Alex for the next decade. That is your punishment for your lack of faith!
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Wow saw Cruz and Washington TD at the same time NFL Redzone is sick
Eli is good...

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f**k you giants!
Giants and Bill, just took the leads.
Originally posted by FlayvaMeister:
Just heard CJ2K, has amassed 195 yards on the day. Where has that been
all season ? I guess he's feeling guilty about the money he's stolen.

I think they are playing the Bills. That D sucks balls
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Lol at Maideui williams being the redskins starting safety and that happeneing
Originally posted by WhoGotItBetterThenUs:
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
Cards officially lose now.

more good news

awesome awesome awesome
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