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NFL's larger players crying foul over design of skin-tight jerseys.

nike should fix this s**t up pronto!! the last thing I want is the 9ers big guys worrying about if the bottom of the jerseys will lift up when they are trying to block the Suggs of the NFL!!
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I think Nike has kind of ruined the look of the jerseys, they are way too tight now days.
I like the look, but the material sucks and yes its way to tight. I'm 6'1 225 and while i was going to purchase one when they first hit the shelves, I tried one on (XXL) it felt way too snug around the rib/waist area and I only have a 35' waist!

i just got my jersey and it was bigger than the Reebok jersey
U callin me fat!

Have you eaten a small baby recently?
It's not just the jerseys, everything you buy from them fits two sizes smaller than the tag says. f**k you, Phil Knight.
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