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Flip Moss over for a draft pick?

the threads just get worse.

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Originally posted by Psinex:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Time to activate AJ. Moss is doing nothing but collecting dust. Trade him to one of teams needing a reciever.

I feel stupider for reading this.

This. Smh. People need to go back and look at the film. Just because Moss isn't catching 2 TDs a game, doesn't mean he's washed up. He was open alot during that game vs Detroit and I'm sure he was open in Minny. He was def open in NY but he can't throw the ball to himself, we played against very depleted secondaries and yet we never took a shot down field to him. I saw plenty of times where the defense was in Man coverage playing him one on one. Soo don't say Moss is washed up. Secondly, Moss was brought in to be the deep threat that opens up underneath routes soo we could soften up coverage. Just be patient.
Originally posted by jreff22:
I would rather use him now to make sure we get into the playoffs

JHC how many more draft picks do we need lol, half of them get cut anyway
He's going to show up BIG TIME during the playoffs.
Originally posted by McLovinAlexSmith:
Man you couldn't get two hard boiled eggs for his old washed up ass.

...what about one?
Originally posted by lordfangio:
Originally posted by jreff22:
I would rather use him now to make sure we get into the playoffs

I can't believe nobody has said "This isn't Madden".
Sometimes you have to wonder if people are even watching the game. Obviously defenses still respect him. I just wish he were kept on the field more so that we could capitalize off his presence. He has done his job well. I'd like to see us hit one or two deep TDs just to draw even more attention his way. Perhaps we are waiting for defenses to relax and leave Moss deep one-on-one?

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