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Originally posted by ImaMod:
sucks for the Jets their whole defense revolves around Revis

jets are done for the season

what about when they beat us on sunday?
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
what about when they beat us on sunday?

Agreed. We better wake up, and stop thinking we got it made. Yesterday proved that !!, and Sanchez/TBow are =/better than Ponder. And keller is better than Rudolph.. We need to approach this game like a must win
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Hate to see any player injured but it's a break for the Niners.

I dont think this is a break for us, as we will allow his backup to smother/shutdown our WR's.. Ive seen this happen too many times. Whoever his Revis' backup is may have the Game of his f...n life, just like Ponder and Rudolph did yesterday.
It's a long season and injuries will keep happening.

His loss may help us a bit.

More concerned w/scrambling QB's.
Joe McKnight "traded" to the defense with Revis out... Hope this is much of a desperation move as it seems.
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