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Would a super bowl win this year be marred due to the replacement refs?

I think so far this year more bulls**t calls have gone against us and we've overcome them. So f**k them.
They will have them back by that point. Mid season. So far they are a catastrophe. These guys are a joke. Clock runs out and still people get the snap off. Spot the ball 12 yards ahead of where it should be on Monday Night. Miss blocks in the back all day. Miss hits to the head.

I just can't watch these guys anymore. Just cave and give the real refs some more money. They deserve a little more. Just pay them. The NFL is profitable.
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It will if a bad call happens in a championship game or the super bowl which leads directly to the wrong team winning.

You mean like last years' game with the non-fumble call?

This is a serious problem the NFL is bringing on itself. The NFL takes in 13 billion annually. The owners making mega millions, players making multi-millions, and they have issue with the refs, who contribute to the value of the game? This is like owning the best restaurant in the world, having the best chefs, but won't pay the waiters a decent wage.
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not when the 49ers are up 35 in the Superbowl
The league is under more and more pressure each week

By the time playoffs come around they will be.forced to bring the.real refs back
nope, same refs for everyone

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Only for people looking for an excuse.
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