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Which coach gets fired this year?

jason garrett
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
I say it every year, but this is the year -- Norv Turner.


every year i guess Lovie Smith too.
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Logical pick: Norv Turner -- It has to happen this year. I can see a 1-5 start with their lone win being against the Raiders in Week 1.

Wildcard: Mike Smith -- Despite having some of the best regular season football in recent memory I have to wonder if he is the East Coast Norv Turner, always has a team thats good not great.
Rex Ryan will get fired. But maybe his wife can help him get his foot in the door somewhere else.

Surprised at the Lovie Smith pick.
He'll win Coach of the Year in my opinion
Norv Turner.

Chargers have less depth at rb and wr this year. Absolutely no depth and injuries on their o-line, add that to the increased competition in the AFC West, and the Chargers could very well finish last in their division this year.
Originally posted by Stealthduner:
Mike shannahan.

Norv should have been canned years ago. I can't believe how stupid they are to keep him and mediocrity around

Hey mediocrity is give Norvel a little too much credit
Jim harbaugh will get fired ...up !
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
idk, but our OC is gone next season fo sure.

Roman is way overrated on this board personally I think we could do a lot better at OC.
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rex ryan
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
idk, but our OC is gone next season fo sure.

with norv turner coming in agian to be oc or maybe geep chryst
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hopefully, it's Pete Carroll
Pat Shurmur. The new Browns owner is going to want to bring in his own coach & front office.
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:

I do wonder how this dude kept his job in Washington after 7 losing seasons and he even sucked when he was with the Traitors. He has always been a great OC but always sucked as a HC. He's pretty much taken a playoff team and ran them into the ground.