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Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. says Russell Wilson better than our boy Alex

Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Trust me, if Russell Wilson was a 49er, we'd be 12-3 right now, He's short for my taste of QB but the man can flat out BALL! I watched A LOT of him at NC ST and Wisky, I would tell myself, if he was 6'3" instead of 5'10" he'd got at #3 overall in the Draft behind A Luck & RG3.

He would be top 3 if he was taller. Height is the only thing that held him back.
Matt Williamson of I don't give a shiet
Originally posted by vermonator:
At 5'10" he better hope he can play quarterback in the pocket. Defenses will eventually, as they always do, catch up to the skat quarterbacks. If Russell can't addapt then he's no better than Troy Smith. Remember him?

No comparison to Troy Smith. Wilson is a far superior thrower in college and the pros. Stronger arm, more accurate, reads the field better, makes better decisions, more clutch. Troy Smith got hype because of the college team he was on. Wilson is the real deal for arm. He would be top 3 if he was a bit taller. That's how good of thrower he is. I think he is sort of a Drew Brees but a little shorter with more speed and athleticism. But the arm strength and accuracy is there.
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