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Tramaine Brock Thread

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Originally posted by strickac:
Excellent move and perfect timing. He's proven to be a gamer and the longer we wait the higher the price goes. A quality, young starting QB for $4M/yr for 4 years is a bargain. We just need to figure out how this will play out with the others. If we can get Brown at a reasonable price, Carlos will be an easy cut. If we struggle locking up Brown, we'll probably extend Wright and draft a rookie CB early.

I think the team is comfortable with Brock and Wright starting if it comes down to it.

I'm betting the team sees Cully as the starter opposite Brock. Unless Wright plays very well down the stretch. I think this is the last year for Rogers (duh) and Brown.
This is a good signing. I hope he continues to improve and become even better.
Originally posted by 49ersking:
This is a good signing. I hope he continues to improve and become even better.

this, I wish we could cultivate talent this way at WR
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damn son 4 mill per year. go Brock.
seattle will try to counter this by signing their under the radar cb whos set to hit FA walter thurmond.
Good move, he's earned it.
Solid move since our CB picture is iffy after this season. With Brock signed and Cully coming back next year at least we have two solid starters.
This means Brown is not getting re-signed
Originally posted by 808niner4lyphe:
This means Brown is not getting re-signed

Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN31m
On @957thegame 49ers GM Trent Baalke said of Tarell Brown's contract status: "Still in discussion with them … " ;…
Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet3m
Now it's $4M. So, this is more RT @gperez529: @RapSheet 4yrs ago Tramaine Brock's singing bonus was $500

Good deal! The kid has shown big play potential and has changed games for us.
Good for Brock! Dude worked his ass off to get where he is and made the most of it. Now he and his family are set for life. I just hope his play doesn't decline.
Good for Brock, he earned it. Good move.
Brock has been great this year. 4 yr $16 mil is a steal if we continue to get this level of play from him. He's still young too.
good for him. hopefully this inspires him to step it up even further now that he doesn't have to worry about making the team
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