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Sources: Maurice Jones-Drew open to trade!!

Just because the owners have all the power, and have used it to their advantage, doesn't make it right. They are making billions of dollars off the sweat and toil of thousands of NFL players.

NFL players have the worst deal in all of sports, yet the league is the most profitable in all of sports. Something doesn't add up here.

The average career of an NFL player is three years and their contracts aren't guarenteed. Many have life long health problems as a result of their playing careers. Many others have sacrificed other aspects of their life to make it as a pro, while all the while being exploited by the NCAA during, what could be the first four years of their professional careers. They deserve guarenteed contracts.

A contract is a contract.... expect when it is in the owners best interests to rip up that contract without penalty. If this relationship was even remotely fair, players would have the same right as owners, the right to rip up their contract whenever they saw fit.

But of course, what happens if there is a lockout/strike? Well, its just like any other strike, the owners have all the power, because they have no need for money, no sense of urgency, no reason to negotiate. Many of the players can't afford not to play, they have mortgages, families. Many are first or second year players that haven't made much money. Many are practice squad players or special teamers. This is not the NBA, where everyone makes 6 million dollars a year. So this is the reason for one side being able to void contracts as they see fit, and the other, unable to do so.

I agree that in sports where contracts are guarenteed, the player should commit to the duration of the contract. There is a risk on both sides: if the player under performs, the team still has to pay him. If the player over performs, tough beans, he has the security of a guarenteed contract, which is part of the risk/reward.

In the NFL, the risk is all on the players side.
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Trade Dixon straight up
MJD made $21M in guarantees in the last contract and he needs a new one? What the hell did he do? Blow all that money? Better not hear the "I need to feed my kids" crap that I hear from every athlete. While I agree players get a raw deal at times, and owners can cut players, but face facts, the player cut has already gotten his guaranteed portion when signed, so all he is losing out on base salaries, which he will likely make up for on a new team. MJD should report to camp, note what DeSean Jackson did, reported late and played s**tty. Others have injured themselves over these dumb holdouts.

But what is funny is it's the Jaguars, they have 20M in cap room, so you would think they would extend him, but I can see why not to extend him. He has 2 seasons left on his deal. $4.45M and $4.95M in 2012 and 2013, that isn't bad money to make. He got his guarantees like said in past deal, if anything play out 2012, then seek new contract, or trade. He isn't gonna get traded cheaply. Someone who wants him will have to shell out 40M+ to get him signed, and a 1st rd pick.
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I respected MJD, but I hate players that want more money when they are already on a contract. It's called a contract for a reason

funny....what do you say when organizations cut players early before their "contacts" are done? Its nice that teams still pay these players right...... oh wait.

Colts, Bengals, Falcons should make a play for him.
MJD is not worth a 1st round pick.
Anyone would want to get out of Jacksonville. He's practically wasted his career there.
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My sympathy is with the player. Like everyone has said there is no allegiance from the owners standpoint. However, when the player produces, ownership wants him with yesterdays salary. Sure he signed a contract but a running back has so few years if he's worth the money go after it.
i don't blame mjd. The team sucks, so he minds well get a contract that he deserves to make him happy.

In two years, he will be irrelevant. He's trying to get his money now rather than waiting for two years.
If I'm the Packers, I offer two 2nd rounders and James Jones... but Ted Thompson never makes bold moves like that. So...

Atlanta is still recovering from moving up to get Julio Jones, so they are probably out unless they feel like getting crazy. But MJD would easy push Atlanta into the elite tier of teams.

If New England wanted to bulldoze the rest of the league, it wouldn't be a terrible idea. But they don't NEED him, especially with their schedule being so easy this year.

I could see the Steelers doing it, but they are probably still high on Mendenhall. Having MJD would take serious pressure off of Big Ben though.

The Lions would at least have to consider it. Jahvid Best might be done. No one knows if Mikel LeShoure is ever going to be any good. Their running game is terrible.

And then there's the Jets, where MJD would be grinded down to a pulp while Sanchez leads them to an at best 8-8 record every year.

looks like we got our very own version in KENDAL HUNTER . guy is showing some seriously improved play this year and i fully expect Roman and Harbs put him in a position to give MJD a run for his money!!
This is a good running back, any team would want him, Problem is i think the packers would trade for him, the only missing piece for that offense is a running back. Those Wr's with Rodger and Drew would be one of the best offense since the greatest show on turf.
I don't see the colts doing it, they are trying to build around Luck, an that draft pick could still be in the top ten for them, They did change to a 3-4.
Alanta has a good running game already, and its up to matt ryan to show up.
Pats always have the ammo to trade but would they.
Redskins, o wait they don't have any picks, or cap room. lol Steelers are out, even with there star running back coming off an injury and they are already up against the cap..
Thought the Bengals were high on Cedric Benson.
Maybe the lions, but they need help in to many areas on defense.
Maybe the bears, swap him for matt forte.
Arizona, needs to figure out who the qb is before they trade for a running back, kolb never played a full season an will be crushed by our defense next year.
Also Dallas is out, they don't have the cap space since the league punished them for that contract b.s.
Giants wont do it.
Eagles either.
Ravens wont.
Texans wont
Denver wont
Rams doubt that they still got jackson for another 2 years.
Seahawks have Lynch
Niners already have enough running backs.
Titans have Chris Johnson.
Cheifs won't they just paid Charles
Vikings, wont they will have peterson back, and toby until than.
Jets won't
Chargers maybe but depends on how they feel about there first rounder they have at running back.
Saints wont
Panthers Paid there running back big so nope.
Dolphins have reggie bush starting
Browns wont they took one in the draft even with knee surgery
Raiders have mcfadden
Buff has fred and C.J.
Tampa Bay has blout. Thanks to coffee for that one.
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Satirically relevant:

"Trade Maurice Jones-Drew," Demands Colts, Titans, and Texans
Steelers, Lions, Broncos, Cardinals, Bengals, and Packers seem like likely destinations he could go for team needing RB's. I think him going to the Bengals could make them a huge favorite to win the division and make a huge push deep in the playoffs. You also got to think they got Mike Brown to though. If I were Detroit I would throw in an offer.
Who cares? We don't the money for him. I could care less were goes so long as he stays out of our division and Green Bay. LOL
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