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** Week 3 NFL Preseason Games Thread 8/23 - 8/26 **

Luck vs. RG 3
GB fails on first 3rd down conversion. Back-to-back penalties on M. Newhouse
And then their 2nd possession was surgical
So the Packers are still super good, then. lol!
Damn dude we are going to have our hands full. Especially since Aaron Rodgers' escapability is off the charts. That run was awesome.
Damn that Packers Offense is looking the goods.
Rodgers makes it look oh so easy....looking forward to Alex playing just like that...make teams pay for playing coverage.
Pass rush is there for GB too...
Packers' defense looking solid too.

i wonder if the fear is Tolzien would look like Dalton on that drive...Pack defense had everyone covered up, and Andy was just stuck back there.
That is what separated Rodgers from Payton and Brady on that SuperBowl run...he extended drives with his feet...something the other two couldn't do in those playoff games.
Yeah Taylor Mays! Gets beat, then gets a Personal Foul
Taylor Mays laying the wood!
nice hit from Mays, damn that was a sound shoulder. hahaha love it.
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