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Who will have a better year? T.O. or Moss?

Who will have a better year? T.O. or Moss?

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this does not surprise alot of us here. i think alot of people here on the zone really thought he was still the owens of ten years ago. i hope this will finally put an end to owens. i care never to hear about him again and i actually do not consider him part of this franchise. give me john taylor, freddie soloman and gene washington over this clown. i am sure we will hear about how sad it is that it ended this way, ha
Jerry Rice is somewhere smiling as the threats to his records are slowly but surely being weeded out of football lol.
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Originally posted by Chief:
I hate to say it, but I think TO has a bigger year. I think TO will be in on more plays and targeted more.

Hope I'm wrong though!

lol, I was wrong.

lol T.O cut...

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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
TO's career will be ended for good October 18

He set a date to file his retirement papers?
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