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How is Ahmad Brooks?

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Originally posted by Pillbusta:
Originally posted by cciowa:
yes,, just cuz charges were not pressed do not make it right. something should be done as phill said. fine him suspend him for the first game or do not start him. I do not know what but i just do not think this is a good situation if JH starts to let players get away with s**t, the more they get away with, the more they will want to get away with, in my opinion

Yes he walked into a humble team fresh off Singletary reign of terror. Some of this has worn off but I hope Jim can keep us in line. Singletary was the alpha and he demanded obedience from everyone
god damn nutcracking a*****e. i was glad i was banned from the zone during the "reign" of sing i would have been more unhinged than i usually am
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free man
Goodell wont do anything more than a fine ,if even that.. the NFLPA would be all over it if theres no conviction and looks like an extortion attempt.
Im sure the 49ers would have already done something about it.
Divens asked Brooks for 1 million dollars to settle this? That is a bit odd.
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Divens asked Brooks for 1 million dollars to settle this? That is a bit odd.

He is the equivalent of the sloot who tries to extort an athlete after sex by saying it was against her will. This is why posters should wait till actual evidence comes to light rather then jumping on the first media bandwagon that speculates a story.
Wow the Brooks Divens altercation is quite bizarre. It's hard to extricate the truth in the matter. I guess I'd try to get $1 million if I knew I was going to get cut anyways.
Originally posted by NinerBuff:

how many games will Brooks get suspended for, because you have to assume that Goodell will come down on this.

Why? If Brooks was defending himself why would Goodell suspend him?
This situation has definetely got weirder. Barrows story almost makes it sound like Divens profiled Brooks to try to get money.

That investigation turned up new evidence, including a May incident at a barbecue at Brooks' home in which Divens pushed Brooks to the ground, causing a two-inch cut on Brooks' leg. According to a district attorney memo that explains why Brooks will not be charged, the two teammates been "wrestling" and "shadow boxing" throughout the afternoon. No one called the police, Brooks tended to his wound and Divens remained at the party.

So like they said in the article a few weeks ago they had become friends the past month and had been to barbecue's together. Sound like they might just be drinking too much and getting stupid. That or they were playing around. Doesn't seem like the two should be friends if that's the kind of things that happen when they get together.

Anyways, glad he won't be charged. Brooks should give him some money for the hospital bills and all that. Not sure about a million but some. Divens probably gets cut and maybe not even put on the PS. Sounds like it might be best to just part with him. As for Brooks if I'm the team I give him a fine, force him to take anger management and/or AA. Not sure if a suspension is necessary considering all the other players in the league doing a lot of bad stuff and not getting suspended.
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So glad that distraction is out of the way!
LOL'ing at Grant Cohn, who was openly pleading for the organization to cut Brooks after the incident.

Such a moron.
Seems like these guys have just gone back-n-forth goofin' on each other and Brooks finally went a little overboard when he decided some bottle bashing was in order.
I have maintained that what brooks did was wrong but that this never should have left his home. The players should have handled this amongst themselves. These are huge men and they know their bodies a lot better than we know ours. No one was going to die and no one else had to hear about this. We live in a nation of pu$$ies where fighting amongst guys has become illegal. People are too soft where one 300 lb guy hits another 300 lb guy provoking him he sues or calls the cops. These laws and rules where justice is administered according to the bias of the distributer are driving me crazy. I swear some stuff should not even get to the DA. Let them focus on more important things. Now if brooks hits a woman or a puny man I'm on board but a 340 lb teammate? Na, I say let them handle that.
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