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How is Ahmad Brooks?

9ers player or not this type of s**t should not fly. if it was anyone of us on this board doing it to another on this board tell me you would be like oh its bad for our careers i'll drop the charges. hell no. i would undoubtedly prosecute your ass to the full extent and you should do that to me. athletes are spoiled children in a mans body. nothing more. he should get the felony charge or misdamenor if that is what is normally done. no one is above reproach. no one. prosecute brooks and if he misses the season so be it. this is not 2 guys horsing around when u said do i need to get my gun. thats where it starts to go wrong. i've been piss drunk countless times during my 20s w my buddies and we'd horse around but never did we hit each other w beer bottles and threaten to get our gun. this guy needs some alcohol counseling. thats coming from a former binge drinker who has stepped away from alcohol and seen the sober side of the world.
Originally posted by Niners99:
Brooks was drunk, Divens played a joke on him, Brooks got mad and did something a stupid drunk guy would do. Is this really a story? Divens is dropping any charges because he realizes he provoked it, and things like this get WAY too overblown and harshly punished.

How often does this kind of altercation happen? All the time. If they were 2 drunken college kids this would be a non story.

haha what? he tried to stop him from drunk driving and got his ass beat by a violent drunk

ahmad brooks is a low life
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
Sure they did, that's why he only got $17 mill guaranteed in his $46 million contract

he didn't get $17M guaranteed
Who lets someone hit them 3 times? I feel that if they are trying to decide to press charges that its not a big deal. Just a good story to put out now.

Brooks is that nice guy people think they can mess with.
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Yea really poor judgement from Brooks. Dam shame
a year from now ahmad will be asking paul crew if they get to play the guards
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Originally posted by Pillbusta:
What I don't understand is why didn't Divens kick his drunk a$$? You either 1. Press charges or 2. Kick his a$$. These new school dudes I just don't understand. There is no way I just stand there and let you tee off on my dome. Either I run or I am coming at you. We are talking grown men here and most are as close as brothers. If my bro tried that he would get the a$$ kicking of his life. I am sure we can laugh about it later but I won't let you tee off on me like that without repercussion. I will make sure you pay the toll. More like who assaulted whom? And I get Divens not wanting to report it because it will alienate him from not only this locker room but most NFL locker rooms and this is why he should have whipped him or subdued him. This deal is a head scratcher. Should have clocked him like shawnte Spencer

Yeah wtf 340 lbs vs. 260. To put it in a little perspective it's like a 200 lb man taking s**t from a skinny ass 120lb douche. Anyway, damn you Brooks. Maybe Harbaugh will grant you a mulligan...let us hope.
Good for him
They put Ahmad's address in a copy of the case statement and looked it up on google earth. Can find the info blow, just scroll down all the details about what happened are in there.

The entire area like 10 + square miles nothing but mansions. Looks like its a developmental area. Rich people working in San Jose and possibly Santa Clara. Lucky people. A lot of hard work and all that but I know a lot of people working just as hard in factories and on farms.

Here is Ahmad's house for those that want to see.

Here is his neighbor to the left:

Neighbor across the road:
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They should prosecute on felony but for the minimum time. Felony will force him to turn in his gun and not allow him to own anymore. Dude doesnt need a gun.
Cut Divens for being a snitch
Originally posted by valrod33:
Cut Divens for being a snitch

never even heard of him til this story broke....Jed is slackin...Eddie D would've cut his azz a month ago
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Originally posted by iLL49er:
haha what? he tried to stop him from drunk driving and got his ass beat by a violent drunk

ahmad brooks is a low life

Seems like a lot of people are misreading the story.

He wasn't trying to save Brooks from driving according to the report I read. He had already driven Brooks home after drinking all night. Once they arrived Brooks asked for his keys and Divens pretended to throw them in to the yard. Brooks was hammered and fell for it. Brooks of course went way overboard and probably shouldn't be drinking like that with his prior history.
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