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The Aldon Smith thread

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Originally posted by Afrikan:
He is 22 right?

I guess its kind of hard to get someone that age to "grow up"....I think he has been forced to grow up since trying sports, and he is still trying to have fun like "everyone else" when he has free time.

Some players are able to, others take alittle longer...but if this isn't a wake up call, I don't know what is for him. We can't expect him to be like our other players....everyone has a different up bringing.

He needs to hang with others close to his age on the team, if he prefers to be around someone who can relate to...sure we can hope that some of vets have him tag along, but that is not always the case.....what the hell does Anthony Davis do all day? on the CPU trolling people? you never hear trouble from him and he likes to joke with people and start s** He is one month younger than Aldon.

I see what you are saying and I was definitely no angel when I was 22, but dude needs to realize that he's no ordinary 22 year old and to stay the f**k out of the news. It's not that hard. Athletes do it all the time, so I'm not hearing that "millionaire athlete, he's young and trying to have fun" bulls**t. There are ways to have fun without getting stabbed and making headlines, thus drawing unnecessary negative press to your team. He's already got busted for a DUI, a f**king pattern better not be emerging.

imo, the mistake he had was moving in the rapper, rapper's manager, etc to his home.....I'm sure he is trying to make money on the side. Sure he could've grown up with the dude, and he might be like a brother to him......or he is just trying to invest and make more money and fame. He needs to live with Family and friends that look out for his best interest. Not others who are trying to come up and are worried about themselves. Again, not saying those he stays with don't have love for each other...but the rapper dude is tyring to make it big....he is always going to look at things from at perspective..and not "oh maybe this is a bad idea because it might bring trouble to my boy Aldon" he thinks everything is going to be fine, and is too worried about himself and coming up.

He needs folks around him that will be looking out for his best interest FIRST and FOREMOST. You don't have to be a square to be this type of can still have fun, yet be aware about situations. The thing is, it can't only be one person....everyone in his entourage or family have to be on the same that, when Aldon wants to do something...and he thinks its fine and nothing will happen....everyone in his group would put what's good for him first, and it would be easier to persuade Aldon or any other athlete to not follow through.

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Next thing you know Aldon is going to be pissing on players' cars in the stadium parking lot.
He probs just f**ked someone's girl and then got stabbed like Antwan odom.(well odom was shot but same thing).
Originally posted by supbaby:
Originally posted by Afrikan:
supbaby, don't put his s**t out there brah. Leave some of that s**t out.

Lol cause some of his friends blaze? Big deal. Doesnt mean he does.
lets say someone at the NFL got a hold of him living with folks that smoke....just for the f**k of making quota, they show up and "randomly" select Aldon for a test. Sure, he might not have been smoking, but they don't give a f**k second hand exposure...what is positive is positive in their eyes.

anyway, that is just me...not saying he can't be with friends like that...but putting it out there that he lives with folks who smoke isn't needed. But I'm doing it too, so
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Last time we had a crazy pass rushing end, who was a little out of control...we let him go to dallas, I say we over look this.
Only thing that got stabbed on Haley was his fist with his thaaaang.
Overeacting nothing. If he wants to be a big time pro he needs to get focused. He should spend some time with Ray Lewis. I saw an interview with him where he mentioned that he's the most boring person in the world off the football field. I'm paraphrasing but he basically said that he takes more risks than a human has a right to during a game in the season so he just lays totally low in the offseason and takes care of his body now. Ray also knows how fast it can all go away. I'm sorry but even if Aldon wasn't "involved" he was clearly "involved" if he ended up stabbed. Clearly this wasn't a good environent for him to be in.
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agreed, if he starts masterbating in the locker room we know hes legit
how is this incriminating against aldon smith? good people get stabbed sometimes
CUT HIM !!! oh wait they already did.

We need to chill until more details come out. For all we know some chick was getting knocked around by some abusive ex, and he stepped in to protect her. Thus getting stabbed. Then how quick would we be jumping from oh man bad apple, to my god he's a hero. Not saying thats what happened, just saying that until we know more details, we just need to hope he's ok, hope the others injured were ok, and let the authorities sort things out.
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Rule # 1: Athletes and famous people should not be at "house parties."

Rule # 2: Sounds like he got stabbed by a mexican Raider fan.....
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According to a a poster over at pft, it was his own house party. Don't kill me but that's what I just read
Wtf, Aldon...
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