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The Aldon Smith thread

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Yeah he got stabbed at a party. wtf
49ers GM Baalke: "We are in contact with Aldon, and thankful that his injuries were not more serious and that he is recovering comfortably."
Safe to say he won't miss any playing time due to injury.
WTF was he doing at a house party?
RedRazor called it. apologies for doubting you.
RedRazor's thread got locked.....hahahaha, I had a feeling he was telling the truth........but still, 99 problems gotta chill out with this sht.....SUPERBOWL on the horizon.....DONT BLOW IT!!!!!
Classic case of a young guy from the hood making it big then not learning to leave the hood behind. When u break through to the bigs then great but the problem is yo boys think they made it too. I say no to that. You don't have to change as a person but u have to change your habits and who you hang around sometimes. Friends that have you hanging out at house parties and not focusing on getting ahead in life are not really friends at all. I say find a nice young lady to take out and stay focused on surviving your rookie contract.
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Dude is an idiot or we lack information?
He needs a father figure.

All tthat $$$$ and little guidance is a BAD recipe. The NFL and sports are full of these stories where prime athletes take the wrong path and ruin their own lives.

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I remember Paul Pierce getting stabbed like 11 times one night back early in his career.
Originally posted by hungarian9erfan:
The 49ers confirm that Aldon Smith was stabbed at a house party this morning in Santa Clara County ...

Sounds more like a House PAR-TAY, than a house party. None the less, I wasn't there ...
However, there's one thing life has shown me, ALCOHOL and Testosterone, don't mix well.
I pray he:
  • heals well
  • has no lingering affects on health & performance
  • earns from this experience

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lol all you people are over reacting.
Originally posted by Muggins:
I remember Paul Pierce getting stabbed like 11 times one night back early in his career.

I think he got stabbed in September and still played every game that same season.
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