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The Aldon Smith thread

Are rumors of Aldon Smith being arrested at LAX true?

oops nevermind, i see thread now.
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Can't be true right?
Originally posted by ChipDouglas510:
Can't be true right?

Where there is smoke, there's fire. Something happened at LAX, just have to wait for the details.
Please not another arrest.
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John Egan ‏@JohnJEgan

Just saw Aldon Smith of 49ers get arrested at LAX. He was not happy. Don't know what happened to precipitate it. @espn
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Kap is probably doing fist pumps after this news.
Pass rusher just became a greater need in the draft lol.
i'd still pay him
How stupid can you be? He is like a genetic sack machine made from a combination of DNA from Charles Haley, LT, and 2Pac
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Jed needs to start hiring babysitters for these clowns.

aint buying it yet
Holy fk I am praying that this isn't true.... The offseason that just keeps giving
Tweets from people at LAX indicate Aldon smith was arrested for yelling "Bomb" in the airport. He was possibly drunk #49ers
What is wrong with his brain.
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Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows

LAX police say 25-year-old San Jose resident taken in by police after becoming belligerent in security line. Will not release identity...

... until the suspect is booked. Witnesses saying that suspect is Aldon Smith (who is 24/turns 25 in September). #49ers.
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