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The Aldon Smith thread

Wish we had Parys and Cam! Those 7th rounders are really coming in handy now.

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Originally posted by 9NERNATE:
Wish we had Parys and Cam! Those 7th rounders are really coming in handy now.

Yeah, we f'd the pooch on that one.
I feel like we wanted to see if we really needed Smith, but we lost a winnable game with him in, and he blew some stupid penalties per usual which cost us a 3 & out.
Corey Lemonier....COME ON DOWN!!!!
this seems like a circus. why let him play when u knew he'd be gone after the game? just doesnt add up.
Jed York is a class act by helping Aldon Smith.
Originally posted by reasonable1:
Corey Lemonier....COME ON DOWN!!!!

It's going to be a combo of Skuta and him.
This team is snowballing fast.
hopefully he doesnt hurt another tree tomorrow
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I really hope he gets help and I like what the team did here. I want him to co0me back with a clear head and be the beast he can be.

My thinking is that the rehab was schedule for Monday regardless, Harbaugh wanted Aldon to play one last game cause he might not be playing for a very long time.
Aldon Smith...suspended indefinitely?
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Originally posted by goldrush49:
Aldon Smith...suspended indefinitely?

that's b******t he needs to play.
Originally posted by KapsDolphinCap:
Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN25s
Aldon Smith read statement. He apologized and admitted he has a problem.

Yea, a QB problem.

You're annoying
Well, at least he will be ready for next year when we may have a chance to get to the postseason.
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