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The Aldon Smith thread

Originally posted by keeferr75:
Hard to understand, time to bust out that blue collar shirt out again.

Did they do away with that? I do agree that some egos need to be put into check and some perspective put in.
Can we get in touch with Marshawn's lawyer?
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Niners should just suspend him for 2 games before the NFL steps in and does it. Police your own.
Originally posted by pd24:
Niners should just suspend him for 2 games before the NFL steps in and does it. Police your own.

Yeah suspend him for ARZ and JAX
hes gonna get 2 games just a matter of when.
f**king idiot
Bleacher Report is saying Aldon was arrested last night for DWI, WTF is this guy trying to become?????? I love the kid, but please someone settle him down!!!
I definitely think we should wait to get all the information, but I believe this is a good game to suspend Aldon. There needs to be a message sent and Aldon needs to understand that this is serious stuff. I think the 49ers can win this game without him. Besides, immature people sometimes need a good kick in the rear to realize the consequences of their actions.
This s**t is serious as far as the season goes, if the Colts pull of the upset and I think they might, then we play Thursday in the dome, s**t we could be 1-3 in just a few days
Maybe Harbs should bring Singletary as a guest speaker or something.
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This fool got his DUI at 7am. Doesn't he have to go to practice? Maybe he got home late after drinking, slept a few hours and thought he was sober. I have done that in the past but never got a DUI or pulled over. How many hours should you wait before drive. Does 4 or 5 hours of sleep do the trick?

A whole lot of stuff he's into off the field so far it's been away from national media coverage which has been amazing i guess. but he just keeps messing up.

just keeps on
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Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch

Per The Chron's @justinberton ... as of 10 a.m., #49ers Aldon Smith remained in police custody and was being booked into jail.
He's still young but c'mon man, 3rd year in the league. Should've learned his f**king lesson by now. Maybe he's trying to show empathy for his BFF Von Miller by pulling this s**t or his head is just up his ***hole. He will be "All done" if he keeps f**king up like this. You bet he needs his ass kicked by Willis along with Justin, Bow, Ray Mac, Brooks (imagine that, looks like a choirboy next to Aldon), Dorsey and the entire O-line.
oh and Corey you're about to get your chance to get on the field. time to make a HUGE impression
It's those damn rappers he's hanging around with.
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