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The biggest double standard in the NFL

Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
let's make an example of the league's posterboy, Tom Brady

season stats when the Patriots won the superbowl
2001 - 2843yards 18TD 12 INT 86.5 rating
2003 - 3620yards 23TD 12 INT 85.9 rating
2004 - 3692yards 28TD 14INT 92.6 rating

season stats when the Patriots lost the superbowl
2007 - 4806yards 50TD 8 INT 117.2 rating
2011 - 5235yards 39TD 12 INT 105.6 rating

Good post
Don't you think that just about anything profound there is to say about football has already been said? What more are they going to add? This isn't math or particle physics.
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