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Best ILB duo in the NFL

Best ILB duo in the NFL

Ray is not the Ray he used to be by a long shot. They still have a decent duo going but nowhere near the dominance of Willis and Bowman.
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haha yea i know he was a OLB but i put ILB when i should of left it at LB and i know all you guys that pointed out hes an OLB searched first.
Actually I can guarantee most of them did not need to search. I sure as hell didn't. And you could make a case he is not even a Over.

For arguments sake I say he is actually a DE, most of the time he is the end man and shaded over an OT.

Derp Those of us who ACTUALLY WATCH the games didnt have to search.he's played olb/de for like how many seasons??

But on the subject,most 3-4 OLB's have gotten the credit around the league.Pit.,Dal.,G.B.,SD(w Merriman), name a few from recent memory.I feel mostly because of the sack #'s of the OLB's and the differing roles of the ILB's in those schemes.

We have a real blessing to have TWO of the best,most versatile ILB's in the game,on top of having THE BEST ILB in football.some teams dont have one worth speaking imho its kinda unfair
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