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AJ Jenkins is a 49er

Excellent points people!

It makes MUCH more sense to have Williams in the slot. The depth chart right now means nothing and is usually based on nothing more than seniority. If that was the case, then VD would be ahead of some of these guys at WR given he's been practicing there as well. This is how is should shape up.

X = A.J. Jenkins/Ricardo Lockette
Y (slot) = Quinton Patton/Kyle Williams
Z = Anquan Boldin
PUP = Mario Manningham & Michael Crabtree

It's an excellent point about AJ once the pads go on. Can he out-muscle a Dick Sherman at the LOS? Most likely, he won't be able to but he can mimick Manningham's game and create excellent separation by quickness and explosion off the's all technique and hand-fighting, cutting, diguising your routes, studying the CB's you'll be facing, knowig our game plan, when you will be featured/called on, etc.

I like the things I'm hearing about him so far this offseason. Hopefully it will carry over into training camp, preseason and eventually the regular season. It sure has never been a question of speed with him. He's a very fast WR. And I don't personally think he is as useless as described on this board. He was real productive at Illinois with good hands and good route running. I think there is a little game in there. I'm not sure how much. I do hope he makes big strides this year though. I'm at least hopeful with some of the things I hear.
Cowturds just signed Junkins

BTW Mods feel free to move this junk to NFL Talk. Dont know why this crappy thread is still in Niner Talk
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Good for him and bad for them.
Why's he still in the league?
Why???? Cole Beasley the Cowboys third receiver is 5 times better than this guy.
Mods, move this to NFL talk
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