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AJ Jenkins is a 49er

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Typical Webzone.

Large servings of overreaction and hyperbole. Too much time between games, I guess. I almost wish the Niners didn't have a bye.

"AJ doesn't know the playbook", "AJ doesn't know where to line up, etc." How do you know? He was slow in responding to one change-of-play as far as I saw. He isn't the fist player to miss, or not hear, a QB's audible and have to be reminded. Haven't we all seen even veterans redirected? I've seen Gore, VD, others motioned to their proper position more than once. Many times. You can be sure that if he was a screw up, he would not be out there.

If there's anyone to fault in AJs development it should be the coaching staff. He should have had practice catching live balls in a real game well before this time. This is just p*ss poor player and roster management IMO. There's a hell of a lot I like about this coaching staff, but there is this one aspect that I cannot fathom. They did the same with LMJ. It's the college coaching/ redshirt freshmen mentality if you ask me.

The team is in trouble at the WR position and it's a problem of the coaches own making. Maybe they just don't have any offensive imagination. To me it looks that way.

Right now, we have ONE legitimate WR.

I have been absolutely underwhelmed by Moss' effort/production . He just loafs around out there . . . very little fight, stretch or full speed in him. He's a senior citizen and that's his game now. A great mentor for the young WRs, but I'm pretty sure that he's not scaring DC's on oppposing teams any more. He should be a coach; not taking up a roster spot. Get someone hungry in there.

Ginn? Well everyone now realizes that he has almost no value on this roster. The coaches don't even pretend that he's a WR any more.

Manning, too, is overrated on this site. There is a reason that the Giants made no effort to resign him . . . none. I won't even go into his short comings. Let's just say, poor stituational and field-position awareness; he's got the physical tools but lacks some upstairs. I see him no better than a #3 at best and more like a #4.

Yet the Niners let a #1 pick languish on the bench with only ONE pass thrown his way? He was so shocked, he dropped it! LOL, don't blame him ! I don't think one can say he's a bust yet, but where he was picked, he needed to get a chance before this.

The bold and underlined are overreactions and hyperbole.

We may be splitting hairs here but I believe there is a great deal of blame to fall on Harbaugh's staff for the failure to develop WRs in the passing game. Jenkins has his own thread that parses this out in multiple ways. The truth is, there are roughly three dozen rookies who have had major impact on their teams this season, and I am not just talking about Luck and Griffin. That IS on the coaches.

As to Manningham; one of the big complaints about him in NY was that in running up routes along the sidelines he allowed himself to get so close to the sideline as to make it extremely difficult for the QB to get the ball in to him. He has continued to do the same thing here. He really is nothing more than a #3. Unfortunately, the 49ers don't have a legit #2, and only in the second half of the season has Crabtree begun to look like he might actually be a #1.

I didn't expect much out of Moss this season. In fact, he surprised me by even making the team. The reality is that he has done very little. It appears the only reason he sees the field at all is the fact the WR corp is so weak that there is no one ahead of him. The speed is clearly not there any longer, and the hops he used to have no longer seem to be in his legs. There comes a time when even the great ones, and he was a GREAT one, no longer have what they used to have. Moss is at that point.

Erm . . . Thank you for clarifying.

BTW to clarify on "overreaction and hyperbole" : To make a whole case or judgement, based upon one or two plays e.g., a slow adjustment at the line of scrimmage, or a dropped pass, as "he doesn't know what he's doing out there" qualifies as "overreaction and hyperbole". A knee jerk reaction IMO.

Making a judgement, or expressing an opinion, based upon an observation over time is not an overreaction. It's not a knee jerk reaction. It's an opinion, but not an unreasonable one and is one shared by many, as dj has laid out. You can disagree with it, but those are legit concerns.
He didn't clarify anything. He didn't address my point, which is you calling out people for overratcing and using hyperbole, then you did the same in in the same post.

Calling Moss a loafer and a senior citizen isn't hyperbole? The guy who i see blocking down field, breaking up interceptions, running past defenders in the secondary?

Saying our roster management and player management is piss poor, even though were are the #2 seed for two years in a row isn't overreacting? Yeah, they aren't perfect, but piss poor? I think you are referring to a team like the Cardinals.

I could go on, but you are entitled to your own hyperbole and overreactions or opinions just like anyone here, but you can't turn around and call other people out for doing the same thing.
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He needs to show up! He has a full season now
I'm going to ask a silly question. Guess I just don't what goes on for a young player who is on the inactive list for 3/4 of the season. Maybe someone can educate me but can't the 49ers staff spend MAXIMUM time having the guy run routes, learn the playbook and spend time in the weight room developing his body?

Yet he comes into the game and he looks completely lost and he's still 175lbs dripping wet.

What has the Niners staff and AJ done all this time of inactivity?

Conversely, LMJ looks right at home and he's bulked up. Odd isn't it?
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I'm going out on a limb and say he catches a TD this Saturday!
At this point, if he amounts to anything, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Its' time to earn his pay check.....No more excuses, after all off season and all regular season you are no longer considered a rookie...
I want to see AJ Jenkins run by Jarrett Bush and leave him ten yards behind him when he catches the ball and is gone. Then I want to hear Jarrett Bush say, "he didn't beat me. I beat myself."
Just wanna see Jenkins get one chance on a fly route this weekend. Maybe put one juke move and just sprint in a line downfield. Just once on Saturday.
Sorry if this was answered earlier in this thread, but has he been open? Has he run by anyone, made a few good moves? CK might simply be looking at the other receivers first. I thought I read someplace that he was open on several plays but was not thrown to.
Originally posted by carlgo:
Sorry if this was answered earlier in this thread, but has he been open? Has he run by anyone, made a few good moves? CK might simply be looking at the other receivers first. I thought I read someplace that he was open on several plays but was not thrown to.

I remember Harbaugh saying he was open once and he was also open on the crossing rout when he dropped the ball.

It's concerning that Ginn got in the game before Jenkins.
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Originally posted by jta854:
It's concerning that Ginn got in the game before Jenkins.

Its even more concerning that LMJ lined up at WR before Jenkins did last night.
Originally posted by jta854:
It's concerning that Ginn got in the game before Jenkins.

We could use him like how GB used the backfield. With he, Ginn, James and before the injuries (Manningham/Williams/Hunter), I'm very surprised we don't connect (or call) any deeper sideline routes or post patterns or fly sweeps, to WR screens, or, etc. Too much speed not to get these guys the ball in space even if you have to get creative (ala Amendola, Cobb, etc.).
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Remember, 1 month after the draft, the 49ers let their Midwest scout go. He was responsible for scouting A.J. Jenkins. Jenkins better show some promise in Year 2.
Ginn and Walker and James all lined up at WR, Jenkins must really suck. It looks like we will need to draft a Wr in one of the early rounds or sign a Vet. Outside of Crabs what do we have. 2 retuning injured players, Moss and Ginn gone during the off season and Jenkins.
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