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AJ Jenkins is a 49er

Selected with the 30th pick!/mattbarrows/status/195705154627047425
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WHO WTF? this pick will remind me so much of last year lol. Let's see how it goes
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bye bye Kyle Williams
Looks like he is fast with good hands. Looks like a slot WR and Kyle Williams' replacement.
Its hard to get excited about a player you never paid attention to. Maybe thats on me
Could be a good pick. Jenkins has a lot of upside and has good hands. We'll see!
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I like this pick! Would have liked Hill more, but Jenkins is pretty good pick too! He was projected to go at the top of 2nd round.
2nd or 3rd rounder
What w run? A 4.37? Not bad I guess.. :/
People never learn do they, its even some of the same people who were talking s**t about Aldon Smith. Jenkins is an ideal slot guy, he's got about 4.4 speed, has great hands, runs terrific routes, a true deep threat for this team, Ted Ginn with hands. He's not the conventional pick, but he's a good prospect, performed in college, even with lousy QB's and was going to be picked in the first 10-15 picks of the 2nd round anyways so obviously they really wanted him, and now they got him. I have no doubt that this is the guy they wanted all along.
upside-not really. Fast-YES
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