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Who are your best teams in the NFL for 2012?

Originally posted by Gore_21:
I see Atlanta slipping... anyone else think Carolina as a possibility to win the division or be a wildcard team? Maybe not though... see a sophomore slump for Newton. Philly has to be better than they were last year. Too talented to not be. A lot of people are projecting the Texans as the best team.

Could be a pretty big jumble for NFC Wild Card Spots... 2nd Place NFCE (Giants/Philly), 2nd Place NFCN (Lions/Bears), Cowboys, Atlanta, Panthers, maybe Seattle

what if Cam makes the madden cover?
-49ers: We are clearly in position to build off of last year. We may not win 13 (but we might) all bets are off in the playoffs.
-Giants: You just can't count that team out. Coughlin gets his guys to play at the right time every year, and Eli is getting better at carrying them when the D takes games off.
-Eagles: Forget the cowboys The eagles were a talented team last year and almost overcame massive changes and bonehead decisions. Their offense and defense comes back laregely intact and the team is humbled and hungry. These guys will win the East.
-Packers: I think they are going to win the North hands down. But they have also been exposed. Baring a defensive turnaround they will be worse than last year.
-Detroit: will play tough but they have had a fair amount of defensive upheaval. But Defense isn't important in their division. They probably get into the playoffs.
-Falcons:These guys are perenial contenders in the South. No coaching changes, no big player changes. The saints will take a nosedive this year without their lead playcaller.
Those are my 6 playoff teams: Sleeper-Panthers

-Ravens: Like the niners they get better. Too good on D. continutity on offense. They are getting old on D though but it never seems to matter with Reid and Lewis.
-New England: Probably better than last year. Mostly on D. Look out.
-Steelers: Not sure about these guys. But I'll never count them out. I don't think they can win the division. But I don't think they will be out of the playoffs either.
-Texans:barring injury these guys will compete for a 1st round bye.
-AFC West: Someone has to win htis division. Chargers are not the same without floyd. Oakland is full of s**t. KC-get's three key starters back from Injury. Can manning get it done with no running game? I mean the best back just left town for the NYJ.
-Jets: Despite all the craziness they will endure. I think Tebow plays like relief pitcher this year. Buys the jets a few games. Sanchez may get pulled but will always be the starter. Somehow they take the last wild card spot. Their D is good enough to keep the offense afloat+a couple sprinkes of Tebow to buy 9 wins.
-Sleepers-Cincinatti (can they improve or does tape on Dalton make them take a step back? Titans-CJ2K back in action??
NFC - 49ers , Packers , Eagles , Giants , Cowboys , Saints

AFC - Patriots , Steelers, Ravens , Texans, Chargers , Bengals
NFC west - 49ers
NFC north - Detroit
NFC south - Atlanta
NFC east- Cowboys

Wildcard Green bay, New York Giants

AFC west- Denver
AFC north- Baltimore
AFC south- Houston
AFC east-New England

Wildcard- Pittsburgh,Buffalo

Super Bowl 49ers over Pittsburgh
East: Philadelphia
West: San Francisco
North: Packers
South: Atlanta
Wildcards: NY, Chicago

East: New England
West: Denver
North: Baltimore
South: Houston
Wildcards: Pittsburg, SD
Originally posted by MILFS:

end thread.

1. 49ers
2. doesn't matter
nice answers guys, here's mine


E- Eagles
W- 49ers
N- Packers
S- Saints

Wild- Giants and Bears
Sleeper(s)- Panthers


E- Patriots
W- Broncos (If Manning is fully healthy)
N- Ravens
S- Texans

Wild- Steelers and Jets
Sleeper(s)- Chiefs and Titans

I feel it is down to these 4 teams

SF, GB, NE and BAL as best teams in the league.

Teams I feel will go in the opposite direction, Detroit, Oakland, Cincinnati(Not so much record wise, but BAL and PIT are better), San Diego

Bottom Teams- MIN, STL, MIA, CLE, IND
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
NFC- 49ers, Packers, Giants, Falcons, Saints, Lions

AFC- Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Bengals, Broncos

Pretty original huh

Bengals are good every other year...look for them to be s**t this year

NFC - 49ers, Packers, Giants, Saints, Lions

AFC - Texans, Ravens, Broncos, Patriots, Steelers

Maybe substitute in Eagles for Lions (wild card), but for the most part I think most predictions are pretty easy to guess.
Niners, Rams, GB, and the Texans.
NFC - 49ers, Packers, Saints, Giants, Bears, Eagles

AFC - Steelers, Patriots, Texans, Broncos, Ravens, Chargers

The NFC is loaded. It was a tough call leaving out the Lions & Falcons, but I expect the Bears & Eagles to be much improved. Don't count out the Cowboys. Panthers and Redskins are sleepers.

The AFC is weak in comparison. I left the Bengals out because they are schizophrenic from year to year. Philip Rivers drags the Chargers kicking and screaming into the playoffs.
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Originally posted by PSYKO5:
Niners, Rams, GB, and the Texans.

What the hell?
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by PSYKO5:
Niners, Rams, GB, and the Texans.

What the hell?

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