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**General NFL Discussion Thread**

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Joe Mays suspended one game and $50k for hit on Matt Schaub (my bad if already posted)

some commenter on PFT said the most logical thing I've read in awhile.

Paraphrasing he said "How can Joe Mays get fined and suspended for roughing the passer but Ryan Mundy only gets fined for putting DHB in the hospital?"

I seriously have to question how the NFL doles out punishment after another badly unequal punishment. Yes Schaub got essentially got head butted and and reportedly had a piece of his ear ripped off but DHB got put in the hospital by an illegal hit. How is May's situation any worse then Mundy's?

It's called Mr. Goodell protecting the QBs and cares nothing for other players health. Goodell is a joke, he isn't consistent.

and star players in general....... if Roy Williams broke some scrubs leg and not T.O. the horse collar rule would not have been put in.

hitting a QB below the knee wouldn't be a penalty if it was a scrub and not Tom Brady..........
About time they reach a deal.
Watching NFL Turning Point Cards vs Eagles....maaaaan Cards D looks straight up nasty. Patrick Peterson has become a leader of the D

please make it happen. no more scabs.
Chargers extend WR Malcolm Floyd thru 2015

Raiders add former 49ers 1st rd pick Andre Carter according to
refs are baaaaaaaaaaaaack
good. i like the real refs.

I hate all refs.
i cant belive ed hochuli is 61.
The Lockout is over!!!!!!!!!!
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Refs gonna f**k s**t up, lol
After this weekend, people will be screaming for the replacement refs again.
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