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Who Will be the Team to beat next year??

Now that Free Agency is done, and we can guess where most of the top Draft picks will go, who do you think will give us the most trouble next year??

Perhaps Andrew Luck and the colts?
RG3 along with Garcon/Morgan??

Or Maybe the return of Jay Cutler reuniting with Brandon marshall??
Green Bay run 16-0???
Maybe the bucanners from acquiring Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks???
I personally dont think and hope the giants dont make the playoffs this next year

I Personally believe Green Bay, Detroit, and Chicago will be the teams to beat this next year... funny how they are all in the same division..
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other than us: eagles, buccaneers, and chiefs. (im choosing teams that i think will make considerable improvements in the next season)
In NFC us.

In AFC Ravens
Us, Saints, Falcons, probably Eagles (but they will lose in the playoffs.)

AFC: Pats will run away with it.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

half the NFC
I think the Miami Marlins made improvements as well as the Anaheim Angels.
With Ryans to Eagles, he NFC is looking more and more good on paper each day.
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
I think the Miami Marlins made improvements as well as the Anaheim Angels.

I think the Giants are poised for another WS run (no NY)
Originally posted by marshniners24:

waaaaait a minute.... that means we won't beat any team next year...