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3 Broncos players suspended

if he's from the bay he was probably smoking that sticky icky

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Green has issued an explanation to the press:

Looks like the link doesn't work, here is his explanation:

Virgil Green also released a statement to Josina Anderson, and indicated that the positive result was not from a PED as implicated by the league, but an ADHD medication he took prior to getting an exemption from the league.

Green says he has since gotten the required exemption for the prescribed medication. I find it very surprising that such an infraction merited a 4 game suspension.
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Originally posted by sfout:
All 3 were for failed drug tests of some nature and have been classified as Substance Abuse Violations, McBean and Williams are repeat offenders for the substance abuse program but no official word on what it was that they tested positive for....

Probably that sticky icky oohwee, as Snoop Dogg once referred to it.
Originally posted by 99problems:
if he's from the bay he was probably smoking that sticky icky

Damn, looks like you beat me to the sticky icky.
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