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Saints ran a 'Bounty' Program - Now with 100% More Suspensions!

I knew it was going to be a matter of time before this happened.

Big Ben accusing niners of targeting him in a "bounty" like program. Also, read the comments by the Saints fan, accusign the Niners of running a bounty program and claiming the Saints were not.

I guess the Saints' players appeal will be heard today too. The NFLPA apparently is claiming there is no evidence that they have seen that justifies the Saints players suspensions.
Let me just put a marker down here. I have already locked the Other thread because it sidetracked onto Ben The Rapist issues and lost track. I would prefer to keep this one open, so lets stick to the subject.

Everything that could be said about Ben The Rapist, rape in general and women who may or may not invent rape accusations was said in various other thread on the subject. There isnt anything new to say, so lets stick with the continuing saga of the New Orleans Saints.
Vilma is suing Goodell for defamation.. Nice!
Originally posted by YungAce:
Vilma is suing Goodell for defamation.. Nice!

Originally posted by YungAce:
Vilma is suing Goodell for defamation.. Nice!

Bwahahaha!! Can't wait until the announcement that injured players are suing Vilma, the Saints and HC/DC. They have a better chance of winning.
Originally posted by YungAce:
Vilma is suing Goodell for defamation.. Nice!

LOL on what grounds?!

it happened and he's part of the team leadership (captain) that allowed it to happen. done.
Anything short of the Lombardi trophy might mean that most of the team will be gone from the GM to the defense and anyone who knew what was going on. They were told to stop and still kept doing it. Ruined the franchise's chances for winning it all, those involved should be let go.
Getting real tired of hearing the " NFL blew the bounties out of proportion" excuse from players. I think this is the second or third player saying the same thing. You got caught, now own up to it and face the consequences end of story.
i don't think the players are completely incorrect. here's the thing though, the saints and the players involved are being crucified for this because the league is trying to preserve itself. all this s**t is fodder for ex-player lawsuits and government inquiries. why do you think the league went to them quietly and asked them to stop first? why did the league put this out there in broad daylight when not so much as a peep of this had ever seen the mainstream press?

simple, the nfl wanted this to go away quietly because its a massive blackeye and threatens their livelyhood. the saints and these players are just plain dumb for the way they carried themselves and now they have to bend over and take it to amend for their sins.

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter NFL took 12 reporters into league office to present over one hour as to why Saints were suspended. Evidence compelling - and on SportsCenter

Peter King ‏@SI_PeterKing NFL just showed reporters evidence in Saints case, incl allegation of $35k bounty, not just $10k, to knock Favre out of '09 NFC title game

Peter King ‏@SI_PeterKing NFL also showed evidence on ledger that S Roman Harper once was due$1000 for knocking NYG RB Brandon Jacobs from a game.
Peter King ‏@SI_PeterKing The $35k bounty on Favre, the league claims, included a $5000 pledge from current interim Saints coach Joe Vitt.
Peter King ‏@SI_PeterKing The NFL's charges are explosive, compelling. Twelve reporters just heard the league's evidence.
Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter NFL showed slides from Saints computers on 1/7/11,saying: "Now's the time to do our jobs, collect bounty $. No apologies. Let's go hunting."
The Saints will go 2-14
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