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Saints ran a 'Bounty' Program - Now with 100% More Suspensions!

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I love this.... I love it when s**tty people get s**tted on
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I wonder how much Fisher is part of the problem, if this hadn't gotten out the rams would have done the same s**t. f**k his mustache
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IMO every team does or has done this at one time or another.
Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:
IMO every team does or has done this at one time or another.

not to be a homer but Jim with his gold star draft system wouldn't like this kind of crap
Originally posted by sfout:
Originally posted by 12b6demurrer:
Explains a whole lot.

if you look he throws a punch, it "could" be described as an attempt to strip the ball. Like Staley posted on his twitter...

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Just seeing all the reports about the Saints D. I knew there was something fishy about getting punched in the face during our playoff game

Staley for the win! That is hilarious.
Originally posted by jreff22:
Eric Edholm ‏ @Eric_Edholm
Just asked #Panthers WR Steve Smith about #Saints bounty story. His reaction: "Doesn't surprise me. Wouldn't expect anything less from them"

Zach Zaidman ‏ @ZachZaidman
When #Bears played #Saints in 2011, Jay Cutler was kicked in throat by Saints defender, affecting his ability to communicate w/teammates.

jay culter doesnt seem like he wants to talk to his teammates anyways
couldn't injure our players, lol

(ted ginn injured himself)
Lol @ Dr Heat
Originally posted by YungAce:
couldn't injure our players, lol

(ted ginn injured himself)

lulz this lulz
You could tell in some of those playoffs they were trying to take out the QB's. Like slam them to the ground an try to hurt them. Not just tackle them. I thought it was obvious to see. But it's just a matter of coming out now.

I got your bounty b***h!
wouldn't expect anything less from a team down in that region of the United States or Gregg Williams for that matter
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

I got your bounty b***h!

is that our FRANCHISE player?
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who cares
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Originally posted by thechamber52:
is that our FRANCHISE player?'s whitner
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