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9er fans watching the Super Bowl....

So who else will be watching the Super Bowl alone in the dark drinking scotch and swearing at Kyle Williams under their breath for 4 hours? Just me? Okay then..
I'm still swearing KW's name, but won't be watching the SB.
I think I will watch the game but I have stayed away from any coverage of it so far and wont be watching any of the pre game crap.
i am going to try to watch it, amazingly i haven't been watching ESPN or NFL net work. LETS GO PATS!!!
not at all. got a all day event with my lady-bug and 2 beautiful kids.
I will be at the gym, glancing at the game on the t.v.'s but Go PATS !
If I'm not at home, I will probably be playing Two Crude Dudes, M.U.S.H.A, or some other Sega Genesis games with my brother during that time. I rather do something enjoyable than be angrily cursing at Kyle Williams for four hours.
I dunno.

If the Giants flat out destroy the Pats, I'd be saying to myself,'' You know what? We beat these Giants.Them out playing the Pats
proves that we would be champs no doubt.''
I'm going to a friend's party and watch it in the nude.
Watching the s**t out this game! Drinking beer, good food, good company. It's the culmination of the season any way you slice it. Sucks we lost, but history is written. Time to move on. Rooting for my buddy's high school teammate Julian Edelman! Go pats!!

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The only reason i am watching it is cause of the squares i bought for the pool, NFC 4 - AFC 1

Other than that i still cannot accept that we are not there
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Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I'm going to a friend's party and watch it in the nude.

i honestly don't even care. Earlier I was thinking what I should do sunday and completely forgot that the SB was even on.
first time ever i havent given a f**king s**t about the Stupid Bowl
Will watch but im not gonna have a super bowl party or anything like that
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