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If you could watch one game that you always wanted to see (non SF)

Say for instance what game you always wanted like for NFLN to replay or just like to see in general? This can not be a 49er game.

I would like to have seen the 1971 Dolphins vs Chiefs Divisional match up back in the day. The game went to double overtime with the Dolphins winning 27-24. Ed Podolak played the game of games generating over 350 total yards (still a postseason record) and a pair of TD's and still managed somehow to loose. To me it is probably the greatest game ever played. If I were to bring up a close 2nd it would be "The Sea of Hands" when the Dolphins faced the Raiders in the playoffs in 1974 where Ken Stabler hits Clarence Davis in the back of the endzone with 4 Dolphin defenders covering him. I started watching football when I was 8 (1994) and I sure did miss alot of great historic games. Anyone got any other games in mind?
I always wanted to see Buffalo win the Super Bowl from 1991-94 (esp. '93 & '94)....never happened tho, alas
Dont have 1
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