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Uh, cam is by far the best rookie qb to ever grace an NFL field. He deserves the hype unlike tebow.

Dalton had a better year and is the better QB at this point. Cam blew a ton of big leads, like against Detroit and Atlanta. Hopefully it was just growing pains and he won't turn out to be "The Frozen One" of the NFL. I'd still take him over Dalton for sure.


Rating: 84.5
Pass Yds: 4051
TDs: 35


Rating: 80.4
Pass Yds: 3398
TDs: 21

You'll have to explain to me how Dalton had a better year. Seems to me that Newton had a better year but Dalton plays on a better team.

For instance Cincinnati had the 7th ranked defense. Carolina was 28th.

Havent you learned from the Alex Smith thread that its all about wins when discussing who is better than who? We have a 13 win QB, so we cant compare him to a QB who is better, but plays on a s***ier team. Just like in this case, Cam played on a s***ty team, so he must not be that good.
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