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It's halftime in GB anyone believe me now !

Fellow Niner brothers and sisters I told you two weeks ago the NFC Championship will be played in SF ! We will WIN , and we will face the ravens and our NINERS will be WORLD CHAMPS ! Lock it if you must mods but I just know this is how it's going down ! NINERS FOREVER !
calm down bro, its barely halftime with only 10 points separating the two.
Meh....I predicted Niners over Giants in conference championships too in the NFL Talk forum.
It's not over yet so hold your horses.
It was 17-14 at half of our game, a lot can happen!
The game is still going, its far from over......remember yesterdays game??
hold on to your butts!
Originally posted by 49erJim:
The game is still going, its far from over......remember yesterdays game??

yea rodgers can make two touchdowns in no time, hes the most dangerous QB in he league so keep it in for a lil longer but i like the way you think
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N one believed in our own team all year even yesterday why would they believe you bro lol. I cant wait to have a shot at the championship. Been believing all year bro cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't count GB out just yet.
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Either way guys we whooping that ass next Sunday and will be in Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GB looks like a team that can be beat right now.
premature much?
At this point, they both look like teams the Niners can beat. Neither team has an offense as good as the Saints looked yesterday and the Niners defense is better than both of them. The Niners have already beaten the Giants and the Niners have gotten better since that game.