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NFL network is a joke

Yeah it's cause it was on Monday lol
Originally posted by LundyLove:
maybe it has to do with it being on Monday Night and no time to produce the FX show

I'm not buying that, and here's why ...

Basically, the production crew at NFLN, had close to 30 plus hours or so, once MNF ended,
and No Huddle began. I'll entertain your thought, allow for time constraints due to Blackout,
and the game running longer. And for arguments sake, let's suppose some event(s) unknown,
and unseen to J.Q. Public did occur ... that should leave us 24 hours of production time, in
a WCS.

Now, onto the Audio/Video Production side of operations -- You just don't walk into NFLN,
without your Chops being Finely tuned in your particular craft. Therefore, I doubt there was
not time enough to put together something ... anything, to supplement the Talking Heads.

As it was, with-or-without any production, not even a mention ??? of the game. I'm not one
of those 49er Fans, that thrives off the attention heaped upon our team via Media. My views,
are based upon personal experiences ... shared, to support the views of the OP.
kinda hard to get mad at NFL Network for running a 24/7 football channel, and coming up with RedZone (which has ZERO commercials).

We dont get respect anywhere, so its not a big difference. ESPN is who i get pissed at, because they spend about 50% of their broadcasting repeating the same crap about Jerry Sandusky, Tim Tebow, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, then the other half is about a bunch of stuff nobody gives a crap about. tennis, golf, NASCAR, football university scandals, womens basketball, etc.

there needs to be a channel that JUST talks about NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. and stick to the games, rather than scandals.

the problem with ESPN, is most of the idiot viewers in America tune in about 10 times as much when they talk about the same hot topics, like Tebow or Brett Favre, so all they do is talk about that. Ive heard from several ESPN hosts that theyre contractually obligated to mention certain topics every show. ESPN basically tells every TV show, every radio show, every podcast, etc they HAVE to talk about Tim Tebow at least once every day until further notice.
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