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Almost Feel sorry for Terrell Owens.... "ALMOST"

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Whats scary is Moss was a lazy SOB but still put up those numbers imagine if he had T.O.'s drive
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i heart TO
Originally posted by 9er2k:
Whats scary is Moss was a lazy SOB but still put up those numbers imagine if he had T.O.'s drive

Moss got some good numbers while at the Pats good enough to leap forward a bit. T.O got nuffy QBs in the last few years and still up competitive numbers.

These two would have really made a run at 80s numbers if they stayed humble. They were both more athletically gifted then 80 during their playing years but didnt have the heart, the discipline, nor sacrificed enough to really make something more of themselves.

If T.O or Moss didnt have personalities that piss off owners and teams . . . they'd have been surrounded and a team built around them to make everyone great. Even when they did (Moss at the Pats, T.O at the Eagles) they found ways to screw it all up.
If you were the Rams, does it hurt to sign TO, Moss, Ochocinco??

LOL. Can't get any worse, no?
He's going to be a first ballot HOF, what are you smoking?
TO was dead to me when he left the niners.
Originally posted by luv49rs:
i heart TO

This x 1000000000000
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I felt bad for TO up until I read that he wasn't paying child support. Not exactly sure what that's about; but play wise he has been amazing. Every team he has played for he has produced, egos aside, that's the truth
I don't feel sorry for him. He brought everything on himself by acting like an idiot for years and years and years. Now he is older and injured and people don't want to deal with him anymore. What a surprise.
Originally posted by susweel:
TO was dead to me when he left the niners.


could have been a hofer? really?
Originally posted by SundayTicket:
The guy couldve been the next Jerry Rice.. Jerry Rices own Words "When i left the 49ers i expected Terrell (TO) to take over what i was doing.. etc etc"
Terrell Owens couldve been a Hall of famer and in the 49ers hall of Fame, and loved by the entire City of San Francisco and around the globe. Instead he had a washed out season in philly, and just 2 good years in Dallas.. and then what? NOTHING.. And now look hes off the charts no team has taken him and nobody cares.. nobodys talking about him.. He will never be talked about like Jerry Rice or Dwight Clark was around here and he was light years ahead of Dwight Clark..

Im also mad that we let Jeff Garcia go because him and TO couldnt get along and then Lose TO the following year.. even when Garcia was willing to take a pay cutt.. he really wanted to be the next Montana/Young..

You are misinformed on many points.

• Owens did well pretty much everywhere he stopped. He WILL be in the Hall of Fame.

• We didn't lose Garcia because he and Owens didn't get along.

• Garcia wasn't willing to take the 49ers' offer because it was not on par for his performance. So, he wasn't willing to take a pay cut.

• We lost Garcia and Owens the same year.
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TO can eat a giant bag of dicks.
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he'll be back next year.....he just came back from his injury to late in the season for a team to take a chance on him.
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