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Which NFC West HC gets fired first?

Which NFC West HC gets fired first?

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Not Spagnuolo. The Rams problem is injuries and the loss of Pat Shurmur as OC.

Doubt Whisenhunt. He may have approved the Kolb deal but someone upstairs had to approve such a costly move. Also, Kolb needs to get healthy long enough to get into the system. Also, the Cards young defense has been improving.

Carroll is showing improvement after assuming a roster that was old and less talented than many realized.

So....none of them this season.

Agreed. I think the NFC West now has strong HCs and coaching staffs across all four teams and I think our division will have 4 very competitive teams in the next several years.

disagree, the other 3 teams dont have strong coaching staffs. watching the cards just flat out crumble yesterday, Spags prolly gets canned in Saint Louis. needs to get to 6-10 to have a shot to come. not looking like it.
I guess I must have been going out for a sammich when that happened.

The Cardinals have a solid defense. It is young and getting better. They play a bend-but-don't-break style and do it quite well. Their red zone defense has gotten very good in the past 4 games.

his ability to not put up a winner post Warner is alarming

Wiz gets another year at least. but he made major mistakes with his team. bringing in kevin kolb for all that money would be the biggest one. However, he is the best coach in that teams history.
If the Jets don't make the playoffs Rex Trash's neck will be alot longer for the chopping block. They'll keep him but it will be his last season if the Jets don't go deep into the playoffs. The NY press is brutal and will have a lot to do with it.

Love to see our division foes keep winning except against us so they don't get the very high picks in each round.
Whisenhunt. I dont see the reasons for Spagnuolo. He took over a broken team, turned it around a little bit without a lof of talent and sucks right now. That happens. He had to replace the OC.
The Retards suck in back-to-back seasons. Even with Kolb I dont see any improvement. One more thing I still dont understand: Why the hell did he let Dansby go and hired Porter instead??? Didnt understand when it happened and I still dont do.
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Greg Roman ---> Los Angeles Rams of St. Louis

Vic Fangio -----> St. Louis Cardinals of Arizona

Jimmy Tom-suuula -----> Vancouver Seahawks of Seattle

There, happy?
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Spagnulo is gone been there 3 years and team has gotten worse. Whisenhunt will be next year when the Cards end up sucking again
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Whisenhunt is done. Terrible coach.

This is what happens when you let Larry Fitzgerald make personnel decisions. Whisenhunt should tell him to shut his mouth and catch footballs. That is all he is good at.
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Its hard to blame the coaches for their poor performance -- should fire the front offices. Shoot, look at the 49ers front office lameness in prior years. Seems like Jed has finally realized that the football guys should run the football side -- personnel, coaching staffs, etc -- and the front office should just run the business side. Good for them.

I wish Carroll would get cut, he really bugs me. But if JH can keep abusing him, that is better than him getting fired! LOL

Spags has to go
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