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Which NFC West HC gets fired first?

Which NFC West HC gets fired first?

Jim is making all of these guys look foolish so far. Who gets the ax first, or do we see multiple firings at the end of the year?

Singletary! OOps wrong year..I mean the Whiz.
Probably Spags. His overall record is atrocious, even with the lack of talent. 10-32 is inexcusable

everybody expected the rams to win the west and i pretty sure that right now they are the worst team in the division.
Bradford should have a great year i think he is still the most talented qb in the division.

I think they will hire a qb expert HC next year.
Sack the lot!
The Rams and Cards will be looking for a new HC this offseason.
Whiz. Spag at least has injuries to blame his season on.
Tough call. It won't be Carroll. My guess is Whizenhunt.

Rams. They were supposed to win the NFC West this year.
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i hope it is whisenhunt. c********r
Spags. I think the'll give the wizzer more time and same for Carrol. Frnkly, I hope none of them get the boot - better for us.
keep them all
I think Wis.

Rams got hit by lots of injuries, so he'll get a pass for this year at least. Meanwhile the cards made a big move for a 'franchise' QB, losing picks and a good young player, and may actually be worse than they were last year. How is it not Wis?
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