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Browns Fan's Reaction to Being Losers

I saw this and thought it was hilarious -- it basically sums up how depressing it is to be a Browns fan.

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Seen this before, probably in the game thread. It is so hilarious it deserves a thread of its own.

Life has not been good to Browns fans!
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that's us the previous 10 years. I'm pretty sure a college team would've beat our team in that time frame.
That city sucks, never met a hot girl from there
The "Factory of Sadness" line is an all-time classic !!!

I feel bad for Browns fans. This used to be us.

See you Sunday


even better
Fans are idiots who continue to pay for tickets for a crappy product year after year.
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Originally posted by stunder49:
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even better</embed>

We had a good family laugh at that one
Originally posted by stunder49:

even better

thank you football gods for giving us HARBAUGH
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