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What is your favorite NFL pregame show?

What is your favorite NFL pregame show?

They're all about the same to me. But Fox is a lot more humorous.
Fox is hilarious.
FOX hands down, it has me laughing. i dont even notice cbs
Used to be ESPN but FOX is better.
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I'll flip between Fox and ESPN and stay on whichever is talking Niners. NFLN is dreadful and has the most loudmouthed idiot types I hate: Sapp, Irvin, Deon, Dukes. It's like the cream of the crap.
0900-1000 NFL Network
1000-1200 ESPN
1200 FOX

I prefer FoX, then ESPN, then NFL Network.

NFL Network acts like a bunch of idiots screaming and getting excited. I didnt mind when it was just Deion, but now they added others. Kurt Warner is good though.

ESPN is good because it is well put together, but it gets old.

FOX is solid. They good around, but are serious too, and they are entertaining.
I have a routine. If I'm up at 6, I'll start with NFLN, but only because it's the only one on. Otherwise I'll wake up, go get myself a coffee, plop down on my couch with iPad in hand and watch ESPN until 9 and flip over to Fox.

I've said it here plenty of times, but I used to heavily prefer NFLN, but the quality of their shows and coverage have dramatically gone down hill over the past two years, as they've lost multiple quality analysts and reporters (Lol losing Schefter, and replacing him with La Canfora?), and replaced them with guys who are more just "personalities" than they are legitimate analysts, therefore I really couldn't care less in regard to what they have to say. Pregame-wise Fox and ESPN have the best objective analysis, and great quality in production value, Fox just gets the slight edge as they show no signs of east coast bias unlike a few some of the producers over at ESPN.
CBS is certainly the worse, no doubt. few times I have watched it, just pure trash
NFL network would be awesome if they had less retired players and more actual analysts. I don't know, but with them having all these ex players it seems like they make their weekly choices based on who they played for and against during THEIR playing days. They should have more guys like Rich Eisen, less guys like Jamie Dukes and Deion. In fact, the only two players I'd keep would be Deion and Warren. Keep Rich and Mooch. Bring in some actual numbers guys.

Don't forget how NFLN has a strange obsession with involving a lot of attractive women in their shows, while nice to look at, they are painfully scripted more often than not. Michelle Beadle and Dana Jacobson are the only female hosts/analysts who you can clearly identify legitimate sports knowledge with, especially Beadle.
CBS followed by ESPN.
I work at ESPN but I love Rich Eisen and the guys on Gameday Morning for NFL Net.
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